How to Jump Start Your Turo Business

Author: Kayla Gilchrist
Published: 9/30/22


Most new Turo Hosts find themselves signing their car up to be rented out on the Turo Platform without having guidance or the knowledge they need to succeed in the car rental industry.

There are a large number of videos and blogs speaking on how to succeed with renting their vehicles out on the Turo Platform. However, none provide a structured guide for how to succeed early on in your Turo rental journey.

In this guide, you will find information on the key steps to take when launching your Turo car rental business and how to get ahead in the rental space. 

Why is laying the groundwork for your new Turo business important?

When you begin renting your cars on Turo, their algorithm is collecting as much information as possible to ensure both the renter and the rental company have the best experience possible. To get Turo users the best experience possible, they must know what hosts are providing high-quality rentals and a high-class customer experience to their rental guests.

If you are providing both a high-quality rental experience and helping your guest with extraordinary customer service since the beginning of your rental journey, the Turo algorithm will be sure to recommend you more to potential renters looking to rent in your location. 

Here we will be providing you with the best unknown ways to do this.

#1 Set Up For Success

To set yourself up for success early on in your Turo business, you must do a few things

Get a high rating early

Getting a high rating means you have a 5-star review from each customer that rents one of your vehicles. Your rental review is based on factors such as customer service, car quality, fair pricing, and delivery.

Great customer service:

Delivering great customer service include: fast response times, answering phone calls, respectful tone of voice, going the extra mile, providing tips and accommodations within the vehicle, and always delivering on time.

Car Quality:

Having great car quality means your car is up to date with maintenance, gas is full upon delivery, and the car has been professionally cleaned.

Customers do not want to rent out a car that might break down on them and cause hurdles during their trip.

Fair Pricing

Fair pricing means you are placing the rental price near the market value but also based on the quality and condition of your vehicles.

Customers want to feel like they are being treated fairly or won a good deal. They do not want to feel like they have been taken advantage of.


On-time and early delivery is key to making your customer happy. If a rental starts at 3:00 pm, make sure to have your car cleaned, full tank of gas, and parked at the delivery point by 2:30 pm.

These tips will help you ensure you are providing the best customer service possible to your renters.

Key Tips: Ask for a review at the end of your rental!

Get more rentals early

The Turo Algorithm

The Turo platform rewards hosts that are organically earning more retail and high reviews. In order to get a high volume of rentals in the beginning you must have an advantage over other rental companies on the platform. The best way to do this is s by having a lower or more competitive price than similar cars that are up for rent on the platform in your specific market

Competitive Pricing

Take a look at similar cars and brands on Turo in your local area. Find the average price of 10 similar vehicles and make your daily rental rate that price. This will put your vehicles in the middle of the high and low pricing action of your competition.

Key Tip: Be sure to have high-quality photos in addition to your competitive pricing. Customers do not want a bargain. They want a great deal that will be comfortable and worth their money!

#2 Increase Your Odds with Turo Renters

Great Photos

Having outstanding photos on your vehicle landing page will increase your odds of winning against your competitors. 

Show photos of your vehicle's interior and exterior. Make sure the car is newly cleaned. Take a photo of each side of your vehicle, the tires, the front seat, and the back seat, and make sure the car is located in an appealing location.

Key Tip: Hire a professional photographer to help make your car stand out.

Vehicles that match the market

Depending on where your market is located, you should have a vehicle that matches tourism activities and expectations. 

Take a look at the attractions your city is known for, and get a vehicle that can allow your guest to bring your vehicle with them to enhance their experience. 

Key Tip: If your city is known for hiking or driving off-road, get a vehicle that is made to handle that type of usage.

Detailed Descriptions

Turo Hosts with a detailed description of their vehicle, rules, and vehicle benefits are more likely to receive a rental reservation compared to other vehicle listings. Customers want clear communication and transparency. Knowing what they are purchasing ahead of time provides a  level of trust and a respectful experience for the guest. 

In the vehicle description, put important information about the vehicle, the benefits, rules, close by accommodations, and places your car can go to enhance their trip


We hope you gained value from this guide!

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